Thursday, 3 May 2018

Release Blitz & Review...Bittersweet Always by Ella Fields

Bittersweet Always by Ella Fields 

Toby Hawthorne was an enigma.
One I didn’t factor into my college plans.

I wasn’t looking for love.
I wasn’t not looking for it either.
And in that state of in-between, he found me.

Unaware of the battle he fought everyday, I fell fast. 
By the time I found out, it was too late.
Because I wanted everything.
Every broken, lost part of him.

I knew I couldn’t fix him.
I could only love him.
But I should’ve known better than to think that was enough.

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Bittersweet Always was nothing like I thought it was going to be. After meeting Toby in Suddenly Forbidden, I’ve been desperate to read his story. I knew he had issues but I never expected his story to be such an emotional one. 

Toby’s behaviour and thinking can be quite erratic and manic so when he spots Pippa and he feels a quietness that’s rare for him, he’s determined to win over the woman who’s caught his eye. Toby is such a wonderfully complex character. While he’s not broken he’s definitely a little bent out of shape. When he’s having a good day, he’s fun and sweet, he’s the kind of guy you’d love to spend time with but when he’s low he’s self destructive and can’t find a way out of his head. I really got the feeling of how mentally and emotionally draining it must be to live day to day while trying to deal with it all. 

I loved Pippa. Having dealt with her own troubles in her past, she’s a surprisingly strong woman who says what she thinks and has a fierce attitude. She never had any intention of falling for Toby but love had other ideas. To be honest I don’t think anyone else but Pippa could handle Toby. For every high there’s a low and Pippa is just stubborn enough to stick them out. 

Like I said at the start I was desperate for Toby’s story and I was hooked from the start. There was a point where the story seemed to slow down but then it picked back up again and I couldn’t stop reading even if I’d wanted to. 
I adored Toby. My heart broke for not only him but Pippa too and I thought Ella Fields dealt with a very sensitive subject in a very well thought out and sensitive way. She managed to get the balance right between the highs and the lows, the despair and the hope, the regrets and strength of character it takes to try and accept help, the effects things have not only to the people who are going through it but also their loved ones and friends. This really is an amazing story with fantastic characters that I definitely would recommend.

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