Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Review... Beyond The Horizon (The Sons of Templer MC Book 4) by Anne Malcom

Title: Beyond The Horizon
Series: The Sons of Templer #4
Author: Anne Malcom

Life is counted in tiny breaths, ones that measure the length of your existence. Life stole the ability to make those breaths easy when Lily was nine years old. Turned her quiet. Made her curl into herself, and shut out a world that threatened to bury her under its weight.
The end of her world is what brings him back—her biker. His chocolate eyes pierce her soul while his club tempts her with a life that she didn’t know she could ever have. Especially not when she was clutching the tattered remains of her existence, and with a weight bearing down on her which makes her unfit for the role of Old Lady. Asher changes that. He wants to set about repairing it, repairing her and her broken world. The problem is, even his strong shoulders can’t carry the burden of her sorrow.
Asher doesn’t take no for an answer. She may have given him her heart three years ago, but never in her wildest dreams would she imagine she had possessed his for the same amount of time.
Just when it seems like she may be able to ride off into the horizon, the world isn’t quite finished trying to rob her of breath. Of life. 


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(Sons Of Templer #1)

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(Sons Of Templer #2)

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(Sons Of Templer #3)

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★★★★ Four Stars 

Lily is left reeling when she loses the most important person in her life and the only thing keeping her afloat is her best friend Bex. Struggling to cope with her grief, she's not expecting Asher to be there for her. After having a one night stand three years ago, they didn't part on the best terms but Asher is determined he's not letting Lily go again. 

Lily is ridiculously shy but there's something about Asher that brings her out of her shell. With her best friend Bex "trying" to help her but not really succeeding, Lily puts herself in danger which doesn't go over well with Asher and his protective nature. 

I adored Asher. He's such a hot sexy alpha and he will win you over with his super sweet words and actions. I could feel his frustration with lily and honestly I shared it to. There were times she irritated the life out of me. Yes she's grieving but that's not always an excuse. Her friend Bex....I'm not quite sure about her. There's more to her than she's letting on and I can't help but like her even when she annoyed me by been so careless. 

I'm really enjoying this series. I'm loving the MC men and each book leaves me even more desperate for Luckys story (which is next!!).