Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Review Past Forgiven..Jesse Lorenzo

This book starts right off where book 2 left us Susan gets a phone call and suddenly her fresh start is threatened and she turns to  Dominick  the only person she can trust.. can he protect her from Dalton.
Dalton is out to get everyone that has  betrayed him, and now he is after Susan….. will he get what he wants.. or will good guys win…. Well you have to read to find out.
This book like previous books we get more from Eva and Giddeon and from Ellora Behr & Other Islanders..
Will they all get their HEA well you have to read to find out but it is so good and keeps you turning the pages to find out..

This book keeps you on the egde of your seat wondering what is going happen it is well written…
I really can’t see what Jesse writes next…