Sunday, 16 October 2016

Review...27 Lies: Luke's Story (The Truth About Love #2) by MJ Fields


We got Ava's story in 27 Truths, now it's Luke's turn. After the explosive ending of 27 Truths, I was desperate for some answers.elf and she's determined to get

Luke's back after having been injured and once he's back on his feet, he's determined to get answers to his questions. Throwing himself back into Ava's life, he sets out to make her see the lies, aswell as the truths, about love.

I really loved this book. Although I spent the last book unsure of how I felt about Luke, in this one I fell...and I fell hard. He's determined, everything isn't how it seemed and he's not walking away.

Ava, I loved. She's gone through a lot and now she finally finds herself. Gone is the naive, immature girl from 27 Truths. Now she's maturing, figuring life out for herself and she's determined to get back on her feet.

A really good, emotional romance that I loved. The "lies" at the start of each chapter were one of the things that made this book stand out that little bit more for me, I found myself looking forward to te next chapter for the quote alone (and counting how many I've said in the past).