Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review...The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry

☆☆☆☆☆ SIX 'It's too good for five' STARS

Maggie witnesses something traumatic as a child and it affects her in a mssive way. Been isolated, she finds her rock in her childhood friend Brooks. Now I absolutely loved Brooks. Always there, always checking on Maggie, he is the one she can depend on. But life gets in the way and sometimes we can't have what we want.

I found this story so emotional. Very few books make me well up with tears but this one destroyed me. I lterally couldn't see for the tears streaming down my face.

This book has some fantastic characters in it. Maggies dad is an absolute rock. Her mom I wasn't sure about. Her heart may be in the right place but there were times I full-on hated her, and her daughter Cheryl (although I did come to love them both). Mre Boone, the elderly neighbour, is brilliant. Another rock for maggie to lean on. With her own experiences she is the one person who probably understands what Maggie is going through the most. With her grumpy exterior, I just loved her.

I love an emotional story with strong characters and a story that hits you in the heart and that's exactly what this book did. It shows you the after effects of what happened to Maggie, not just how it affects her but her family as a whole. It's brilliantly written, it takes you on an epic journey of self discovery, shows you what love should be all about, that life isn't  as simple as you think it should be. And most of all, it shows you what true love and family are all about.

Definitely one of my favourite reads of 2016.