Saturday, 24 September 2016

Review...Redeemed by Lane Hart


Must read exploited first. 

Following on from Exploited, Brede, Aden and Blair are back. With the three of them working together to get to the truth, things should be getting better but that's not the case for this trio. 

Full of danger, twists, turns and darker than the first book, the characters take you on a ride trying to find answers to their questions. With Blair still a wanted woman, Aden and Brede will stop at nothing to protect her but when things start becoming clearer it gets even more confusing as to who the good guy is and how they're going to keep not only Blair but themselves safe. 

I really enjoyed this book. I loved Blair and especially Brede in Exploited but in Redeemed i was all about Aden. Finding out more about him finally won me over. Brede is fantastic in this book, I love that man hard and this book made him even better. 

Another great book from Lane Hart.