Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Review...Distrust by T.L Smith

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STARS

Kazier is a Russian Mafia boss. Brought up in the Mafia lifestyle, he knows exactly what is expected of him especially when it comes to his personal life. He may not like it but he knows what he has to do. Elina changes all that and he finds himself trying to find a way to make everyone, including himself, happy. 

Elina is Kaziers kryptonite. For the past two years she's come into his life and left just as quickly, turning his interest in her into a full on obsession. 

I loved Kaziers character. He's not a nice man, he tortures without batting an eyelid but he's surprisingly sweet, funny and caring. Freya is another great character. Upfront, honest and not taking crap off anyone, I thought she was great. Elina stays an enigma for most of this book, coming and going as she pleases, keeping her secrets to herself, she brings a feeling of mystery and intrigue...who is she? Why does she keep leaving? What is she hiding? 

I loved this book. It's got good, likeable/hate able characters and a story that sucked me in. 

There was one character in particular that I absolutely loved. Death stole the show for me. I loved his dark twisted character and I can not wait for his book.