Monday, 18 July 2016

*****Review...Blood To Dust by L.J.Shen.

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars but deserves more

I've struggled so much writing a review for Blood to Dust without giving spoilers away. So here goes..

Nate Vela (aka Beat). 27. Kills his dad and gets locked up. While in jail he meets Godfrey Archer. Godfrey is an ass. I really hated his guts. Telling Nate that he can protect him from the Aryan brothers, he uses him to do his dirty work. But Nate isn't your typical criminal, he's far from stupid, he's got a backbone and he's not willing to cross certain lines.

'I'm a sad boy, a broken man and a lonely soul. A barbaric savage, a poet with a heart of gold and a nobody who is desperate to become someone'

Prescott. At first glance she's a spoilt little rich girl but there's more to her than that. She's tough, she gives as good as she gets and she's got attitude. Sexy, sarcastic and full of sass.....I'm in love. 
Obsessed with getting her revenge on the Archers, the last thing she's expecting is for them to find her first. But even then she's not ready to give up fighting. 

'They think of me as a rich bitch, a frail little toy. Little do they know that I'm not a toy, I'm a storm. And I'm going to rip their lives apart'

I absolutely loved this book. Prescott is a brilliant character. She's manipulative, determined and she's never going to stop until she gets what she wants. She's a total badass but deep down she's not as hard as she tries to appear and that made me love her even more. perfect. Honestly he is the most perfect male character in a book ever. And I do mean ever!! Dark, dangerous, unbelievably sexy (I'll openly admit he made my lady bits tingle) and at times he's an absolute sweetheart (please note my definition of a sweetheart probably differs to yours) there is nothing about this man I didn't love. 

'She's my truth, my lie, my storm and my peace'

I love L.J.Shens books, I fell for Ty in Tyed, was obsessed with Troy in Sparrow but this book!!! This book is absolute perfection, the story, the characters, the chemistry and banter between them. It's a dark, crazy, intense ride that sucks you in and spits you out at the end, leaving you feeling gutted that you've finished. 

A definite five star read for me from a must read author.