Tuesday, 10 May 2016

*****Review of Crave Me*****

BOOK TITLE: Crave Me (The Good Ol' Boys #4)
AUTHOR: M. Robinson
May 10th 2016

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Emotional Stars


Honestly, I don't even know where to start with this review. As always with M Robinsons books this is another emotion packed read. With really, really loveable characters (that feel like family) it's a hard read in places. My heart didn't know who it was breaking more for.

Austin has always been my favourite Ol' Boy. I love a troubled soul, and there's few more troubled than that boy. Bottling things up from a young age sets the wheels in motion for how his life is going to play out. Over the years his mistakes and regrets start to grow, really affecting how he behaves, not to mention his relationships. With his friendship with the boys and Alex in a bad way and his relationship with his parents in tatters, he decides it's time to live for him. Partying, drinking and a different woman every night, Austin thinks he's doing ok. Then one night he meets Briggs.

I loved Briggs. I always struggle with the female lead in books but Briggs won me over from the start. I adore her. Living with her own mistakes, regrets and choices, she sees something in Austin that draws her in. Living with her Uncle from a young age, she hasn't had a traditional upbringing, she has some serious mind baggage but there's something about Austin that draws her in and keeps her coming back for more.

I loved the relationship between Austin and Briggs, the highs, the devastating, heart crushing lows, the changes they go through as people, it all makes this book into a very addictive, heart wrenching read. This book does touch some very sensitive subjects but because of the way it's written, it feels even more realistic. You feel the characters joy. Their sadness. Their hopelessness. Their bond. This book will stay with me forever, Austin and Briggs will always be two of my all time favourite characters and this is an epic, angst filled book. BUY THE BOOK!