Monday, 25 April 2016

**** Review of Hard to Handle (Teach Me #2) ****

BOOK TITLE: Hard To Handle
AUTHOR: R.C. Boldt
February 2nd 2016


In the second book in the Teach Me series, we get Laney's story. When Laney's started her new teaching job, her and fellow teacher Zach get off to a bad start. Eight years later they still have a hate/hate relationship and although they're friends they just seem to wind the other up constantly.

Then one night Laney starts to see that maybe Zach isn't quite as bad as she thought, and the sexual sparks fly between them. But with her not doing relationships and Zach trying his hardest to win her over, the push and pull between them is like a delicate dance. For every step Zach takes with her, she takes two steps back. 

I love the characters in this series, I wish I had interfering, not to mention hilarious, friends like these. With them willing Laney and Zach on, interfering when necessary, making them laugh when all they want to do is cry, they make this story that much more. 
Hot, sweet, sexy and with loads of sweet sexy ex SEAL's to lust after, this is a really good romance. Looking forward to more of this series.