Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Moto by M.Never

Five Stars 

5 amazingly hot, angsty stars...

I stalk M Never. I'm not even going to sugar coat it. If I knew where she lived, I'd be camped out in her garden. A few weeks back I saw she was bringing a new book out.
Moto.... Two brothers, one woman.... that’s all I needed to know.
But this book is so much more than what I thought it would be.
It tore me in two. It's sweet but angsty, hot, got a super sexy doctor and a just as sexy biker (my weakness) and a woman I still haven't decided if I love her, hate her or just want to be her.
Dev, I absolutely loved. Strong, reliable, hot, sexy, the list goes on. He is one yummy doctor.... And then there's Reese. Just as hot as Dev, fun, unpredictable and really, really sweet at times...
It's hard not to want them both for yourself.
I finished hours ago and still haven't picked my kindle up it was THAT good.
We all have our favourite authors, the ones we stalk a little more than is acceptable, the ones whose books we're gonna click without reading the blurb etc.
Sometimes that stalking pays off and you end up with an arc of their new book.
Then the butterflies and anxiety start. Is it gonna be as good as I'm expecting? What happens if it sucks? What happens if they've written it completely different to what's in my head (yes I'm weird.
I pick how I want it to end as soon as I start reading) And then you start your arc....
And it blows you away. It meets every expectation and more. You stay up until you fall asleep reading and smack yourself in the face with your kindle only to wake up 3 hours later cos you need to know how it ends. You're constantly watching that little "time left in book" hoping it's going to magically stop counting down and then you sulk cos it doesn't.
This was me last night.
A really good romance that will pull on the heartstrings, characters you will love and some seriously hot scenes.
Told from all three pov's, you really get a feel for all the characters and what they're going through and I honestly couldn't put it down.

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