Wednesday, 13 April 2016

TITLE: Losing Scars
AUTHOR: Jessica Gouin
RELEASE DATE: October 1st 2014

Four Stars

Well for a debut book this was a great Little read

I thought this book was your typical story of love and loss. But it really did surprise me.

Scarlett is dealing with losing her mother to cancer, which has caused her to close herself off to the world, but eventually she feels like she is ready to back to school.

 Hunter is her boyfriend and has stood by her through all of this but.

 Her next door neighbour Grayson has been her friend since they were little and as much as she tries to stay away from him he is always there where ever she turns; this is when things start to get complicated.

This was a quick read for me, really enjoyed the style of writing once I started I couldn’t put it down wondering where it was going to go.

The characters where easy to connect with, you really feel for Scarlett.

It is such a rollercoaster of a read then just as I thought thinks might work out the Authors throws in a big twist near the end of the book that I really didn’t see coming.


I really enjoyed this book and I am really looking forward to see what else Jessica brings us next.