Monday, 22 January 2018

Review Midnight Blue

This book was everything, L J Shen books just get better and better with each one just when I think she could not possibly top the last she has done.
This book was so good, the roller coaster of emotions I felt while reading from getting so annoyed to tears down my face. The writing is amazing. 

I like the characters although I will say Alex annoyed me at times but he is a rock star, but then at other times I really felt for him.. He was such a complex character. However, you cannot help but fall for him and his dirty mouth.
I really loved Indie what an amazing character she is a strong heroine. I loved the banter between her and Alex and she did not stand for his shit. I love how much she cares about her family so much to take a job as Alex’s Babysitter while he is on tour.

They both are flawed people they are both fighters. I just feel in love with their story... 
The secondary characters are great too. I not going to give away details but if you Like L J Shen or if you haven’t read from this author yet BUY this book you will not be disappointed..
This is going on my top 10 reads for this year... Midnight Blue did meet all expectations and more.

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