Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Review Pretty New doll

WELL...... #BennyIsBack!
Where to even start with this review.

I will have to say this book has got to be my favourite out of the 3 of them, and this cover I just so in love with and it is so perfect.

It is told in Benny's POV which I loved being inside his head it made me like him more.. Yes there is something wrong with me.Benny is broken hurt and alone till he meets Tanner.. and well these two oh boy I'm not going to give anything away. This book blow me away...

I didn't see the twists and turns this book took, I was thinking all sorts going into this book and well I was so wrong as to what actually happens.. this book is dark and once I started I couldn't put it down.
I really didn't know how K and K would Top the first 2 books but they did with this one for me anyway.. this is one of my top five reads for 2017. So well written and flows perfectly that you unless you knew you wouldn't know two authors wrote this book.

Run, run, run, Doll, right into my waiting arms.