Friday, 14 July 2017

Cover & Blurb Reveal...BLAI2E (part 2) by Anita Gray

Title: BLAI2E (Blaire Part Two)
Author: Anita Gray
Release: TBA

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Don’t take what isn’t yours. 
Unless you’re willing to fight for it.
I survived my depraved master, Maksim. Now, I belong to Charlie Decena, by nature and by nurture. He broke everything I believed in.
My life still lingers in the gray zone — dark and light, 
love and hate, betrayal and murder. I’m battling Maksim’s brutal conditioning to uncover who Blaire is, for Charlie. I adhere his counsel, indulge in his debauched desires, and pacify his dominance — until he pushes me too far.
I hope I didn’t completely shatter your heart in the beginning of my story because it’s just getting started. I’m being tested beyond my limit by a lurking threat who has taken something very dear to me. And if they don’t return what isn’t theirs, someone is going to die. 

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