Monday, 26 June 2017

Review Tailspin by Jaimie Roberts

5 Big stars 

I went into a book blind I read one teaser for it then I ignored others I did not want to know anymore about the book...I loved Devon and Andi’s story.
Jaimie writes these Characters as if they are real... Andi could be anyone of us, I really connected with her, and she is so real. The stuff she goes through and puts up with, I felt for her at parts when I really wanted to punch Devon for the way he treats her... but she puts up with it because she has been obsessed with him since she was young.

Devon I hated him at first then I started to warm to him then OMG... he is such an arrogant pig, such an asshole, but I did fall for him eventually and then well... the way he treated Andi to start with argghh.. Then I felt sorry for him because of his past (spoiler) then well. I feel conflicted I should not like Devon but at the same time, I fell for him. He also has a very big secret that could tear them apart. 

I really liked all the characters in the book I really liked Andi’s brother and knowing how Andi was feeling, I knew how and what she was feeling having had a brother in the army too... so I could understand her.

I do not want to say too much about the book but if you like, Jaimie’s books you will like this one and if this is your first Jaimie book really pick it up and give it a chance.

This book was so good. This book was a roller coaster of emotions for me I am not sure, where my head is at yet...I felt angry in parts, I wanted to throw my kindle... I laughed, even shed tears. Once I started, I could not put this book down. 

This book well written, The ending what a twist I didn’t see that coming... I did have a few tears...