Friday, 9 June 2017

Release Blitz & Review...Wicked Things by Callie Hart

 💥 💥 💥LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! 💥 💥 💥

 Wicked Things by Callie Hart is now live!!!

Zeth Mayfair's a man of few words.
He's never struggled to get his point across with his fists, but when the safety of the woman he loves is threatened once more, he has to get smart. No gun fights. No car bombs. No slitting anyone's throats in their sleep. This time, the wickedest man in Seattle must get creative in order to defend those he loves.
After all...
He now also has his unborn child to protect... - -

★★★★★ Five Stars

Mason is back!!! After losing the most important person to him, Mason finds himself going off the rails while trying to cope with the overwhelming guilt, loneliness, anger and grief that he's feeling. Then Zeth steps in in his usual bossy way, giving Mason no option but to sort himself out. 

Zeth's changed a lot over the years since we first met him. We all know Sloane brings something out in him that no one else can and makes him a better, calmer man. With a threat already hanging over them in the form of the Barbieri's, Zeth isn't one to sit back and wait for things to happen. He'd rather strike first, but this time things don't go as he planned and when Sloane is threatened, Zeth along with Michael and Mason prepare to rain hell down on those stupid enough to mess with Zeth. 

There's a couple of things I loved about this book. Zeths flashbacks made me love him even more. The protective alpha attitude that Zeth exudes in this book. Sloane... my first ever girl crush and still the best. Mason, I need more Mason. I don't care when, what it's about, I just want more Mason. 

This book was everything I've come to expect from Callie Hart. It's packed with action, hot chemistry and old familiar faces and a story that will keep you hooked.