Monday, 15 May 2017

Reviews of Selfish series by Shantel Tessier

                                      Selfish (Selfish #1)

5 stars 
This story is about Ashlyn her and her friend Becca go on vacation thinking it just the 2 of them until Becca tells her Connor, Becca boyfriend comes along Ash doesn’t like him one bit.
When on Vacation Ash meets a man, and has a one night stand with him thinking she never seen him again. But what she doesn’t suspect is he is Becca’s brother.
Ash isn’t looking for love or a relationship she believes you can have just sex with no strings.
But it doesn’t happen like that she believes she isn’t good enough for Ryder.
I really loved Ryder he was cocky sexy hot alpha and what he wants he gets and he decides he isn’t letting go of Ashlyn.
These two together wow the sexual chemistry is off the charts. The sex scenes are very hot.
But can these two be together. They are from different worlds Ryder has money and loads of it.
I really like Ash she is funny sassy and does stand up for herself.
The secondary Characters are all great too.
I loved this book I cannot wait for the next book after that ending. I really hope other Characters get a book as well would love to read Becca’s story.


  (Selfish Series Book 2)

Book 2 review 
5 stars

Loved this book once I started I couldn’t put it down I just needed to know more.
This book is about Becca & Jaycent who we meet in the first book. I would recommend you read book 1 first. As the story really comes together in this book.

I really loved Becca & Jaycent story.

Becca has made mistakes but who hasn’t and when she gets a second chance of course she going take it. She has loved Jaycent for years 
I really felt for Becca what she had to put up with her mother being so controlling over her life …. Then we had Connor I hated him the way he was with her what he done to her he treated her like a doormat… I really loved how she grow through the book.

I really like Jaycent he is Ryders best friend which could makes thing complicated because Ryder is Becca brother.Jaycent he such a swoon worthy guy and how he feels about Becca. And together they are hot. They are just perfect.

We more from Ryder and Ashlyn.
The story is well written and you can’t put the book down once you start… 
I really can’t wait for the next one in this series.