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Release Blitz & Review..Torment by Bella J


TORMENT (Shattered Secrets #2)
Bella J
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Finding out that the man she may have accidentally fallen in love with has an undeniable link to her past has Scarlet Woods convinced that normal no longer exists for someone like her.

Hunter Keaton was hired by her enemy to find her, but instead he warmed her bed and thawed her heart, only to discover a secret that has the power to break her for good.  

Now, surrounded by threats, lies, and soul-shattering revelations, Scarlet tries to survive by doing what she does best—pushing everyone away, including Hunter. Especially Hunter. But he wants to help her, be her knight in shining armor, and prove to her that there might still be hope for them.

But she’s lived in this nightmare long enough to know that fairy tale endings don't Exist…especially when the big, bad wolf comes knocking, ready to claim his 'Little Red.'



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Torment is book 2 of the Shattered Secrets Duet, and needs to be read after Regret, Book 1.
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Soooo many intense feels! What an emotional and edgy reading rush! ~ Romazing Reader

REGRET is an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed romance chock full of tempestuous passion and COMBUSTIBLE feels. ~ Epic Romance Reviews

Bella J delivers a heart pounding, panty melting beginning to the Shattered Secrets series that will have you holding your breath in suspense. ~ Rochelle’s Reviews

Regret is hands down a top read of 2017. Regret is the absolute perfect mix of comedy, action, angst, and smut rolled into one book.  ~ Southern Sassy Book Reviews


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★★★★★ Five Stars

You need to read Regret before you read this book as the story continues from that. 

Poor Scarlet has been through a lot already but the shocks, surprises and betrayals just keep coming. Scarlet has never been one of those weak female characters and this book is no different. Shes stronger than people think and she proves that in this book. When she's made to face her past and it feels like she's nothing left to fight for, she still manages to find her inner strength and keep going and I was cheering her on the whole book. Although she's a strong character she also has this tragic, sad side that made me want to cry. 
Honestly, I want to wrap her up in cotton wool and keep her forever. You feel her pain and it bloody hurts!! After finally letting some of her walls down, when her past comes back to haunt her she needs to put her walls back up in order to survive. 

Then there's Hunter. I adored Hunter in the first book. I sympathised with his pain, I understood his mindset and I loved him for doing the right thing. That changed in his book. I hated him. Straight up detested him. His actions and words were like been stabbed through the heart and I felt Scarlets pain so much that it really did make me hate him but that didn't last. He did manage to change my mind and make me like him again but Scarlet will always be my favourite character. 

I really enjoyed this book. It's fast paced with everything I was hoping for. Super hot chemistry, a bond between the main characters, twists, surprises I didn't see coming, plenty of action, betrayal and characters I fell in love with. There were times I hated every single character except Scarlet and times when I loved them. Ohhh and there's Rex!!! I'm really going to be needing Rex's book. The sooner the better. That man intrigued me so much. I need to know if I'm going to love him or hate him.