Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Review of A Surrogate Love Affair


This book is so different from what I have read from Jaimie before. Once I started I couldn’t put it down.
I really enjoyed the story.
Alice wants for her friends to be able to have a family so she offers to be a surrogate for them.. even though she would love a baby for herself.
Kyle her Husband is not so happy about it he doesn’t want her to do it. As the book goes on we kinda of see a different side to Kyle as to the one Alice said he was when they got married.
I could relate to Alice in some ways, I did think she was a bit of a push over at the start but she did grow as the book went on.
As for Sarah and Ethan, now I liked Ethan from the start but Sarah I wasn’t too sure off.
I didn’t like Kyle and Sarah…
Just remember things aren’t always what they seem.
You might love and hate people in this book you will shout at your kindle. You will want to throw your kindle…
I loved the ending.
Yes it was different from Jaimie’s other books but I did enjoy it.