Thursday, 27 April 2017

Release Blitz & Review...Broken Dreams by Callie Anderson

Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Callie Anderson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2017


Ethan is the boy who climbed into my bedroom every night.

He’s everything I love.
Laced with everything I despise.

He’s every happy memory.
And every shattered dream.

He’s my everything.
But he broke every part of me.

I’m supposed to hate him.
But I can’t.
I don’t know how.

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Author Bio

Callie Anderson is a wife, mother and writer, who embraces the truth, then weaves it into a magical tale of romance and heartache.

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4.5 Stars

Told in both the past and present, this second chance romance gives you a real insight into Leslie and Ethan's characters and their relationship. 

Leslie has been made to love her mothers dream from a young age. Her mum has spent all Leslie's life preparing her to live her dream. She's very critical of her. She makes it very easy to dislike her because of the constant digs and criticism towards her daughter. Nothing's ever good enough for her mum but when an accident leaves Leslie's future hanging in the balance and her relationships in tatters, Leslie decides it time to leave and live her life how she wants. After eight years away, where she's been desperately trying to convince herself she's well and truly over Ethan and her past, Leslie goes back home when her dads taken ill. Now forced to face her past, Leslie shows she's not the same girl she used to be and there's more to her than what other people see. 

Ethan doesn't have a happy home life or a normal childhood growing up. He's determined to shield both Leslie and Charlie from his dad. His only escape is Leslie, the girl next door who offers him a safe haven when his home life becomes too much for him. She's the light in his darkness, his safety net, the one person who is always there for him. But things never go to plan and when everything goes wrong, Ethan's left behind and has no choice but to step into his fathers shoes. 

I really liked this book. The emotions these characters feel are very easy to relate to. Both Leslie and Ethan are very easy to like and I was desperate for them to get back on track. This is my first book by Callie Anderson and I will definitely be reading more of this authors work.