Saturday, 18 March 2017

New Release...Perfect Spiral by Lane Hart

TITLE: Perfect Spiral
AUTHOR: Lane Hart
RELEASE DATE: 18th March, 2017

~ Quinton Dunn ~

I had the perfect life. 
Getting paid millions to play the sport I love and spending most of my nights with all the adoring female fans, what more could I possibly want? 
I sure as hell didn’t want the baby boy someone dropped on me before running, leaving behind a note saying he’s mine. 
If that’s true, then I don’t have a freakin’ clue who his mother could be. 
Until I get the paternity test results, though, the kid’s my responsibility.
The sleepless nights with a crying baby have me crashing and burning on the football field, putting my superstar career in jeopardy. 
And suddenly, the only woman I want hates me with a fiery passion. I knew Callie wasn’t going to be easy to win over. Not when she blames me for her sister’s death.
Oh, and if this baby turns out to be my son, Callie’s determined to take him away from me. 
Somehow I’ll have to find a way to prove to her that there’s more to me than my perfect spiral. 


4.5 Stars

Quinn is well out of his element when he opens his door to find a baby there. Having never held a baby before it's quite amusing to watch him struggle. I loved Quinton. He's been a player in the past but he's surprisingly sweet. Most men would run if a baby turned up on their doorstep but not Quinn. Quinn steps up and does what's needed to be done for the baby, all while trying to find its mum. Which leads him to Callie's doorstep.

I didn't particularly like Callie. In fact that's too nice. I hated her. She's very bitter, which while it's understandable, it makes her come across as rude in the beginning. She's so single minded in what she wants and in this case it made her seem quite selfish and uncaring and I struggled to really understand her. I did end up liking her in the end though.

This is a really good sports romance. The characters are mostly likeable and it's got everything I've come to expect from Lane Harts books. A good story, a new bbf for me to swoon over, some funny parts and some hot as hell's got it all.