Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Review This is Reckless

                                        This is Reckless


This book was great I couldn’t wait for Courtney & Drew story and it was worth the wait….
Courtney I loved she is Sassy and very funny and a bad-ass all you could ask for in a friend.
Drew is a sweet heart I love him I didn’t think he could top Travis but hell he gave him a run for his money I love him. 
Together they are Perfect.. sweet, funny, panting dropping hot. 
I really hate Mia, I really want to slap her, she is such a Bitch.. she need to go away and never come back.
This book was such a roller coaster of a ride it consumed me from start to finish and what an ending that was bring on the next book ASAP.

I loved the writing this book has it all funny in parts and has your heart racing in others and want you to throw your kindle. I really can’t wait for more.
This book is amazing and I will be recommending it.