Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Review Of Gravity

Gravity is my first book I have read from this Author it will not be my last, I really enjoyed the story.
It starts off with Lily and Trevin when they was young and it spans out over 20 years.. it is raw and real..
Lily was always by Trevin side when he needed her I loved the friendship they had as they grow up they became more than friends.
Lily helps Trevin chase his dreams and he becomes a rock star… and Lily tries to get on with her life while Trevin is off touring and living in a different state things happen. 
Lily Loves Trevin but she feels like she needs to let him go because she has lost herself.
Do Trevin and Lily get there HEA well I am not going to say but you have to read to find out.
I loved the writing, I loved getting both POV from Lily and Trev.