Friday, 2 December 2016

Review Always Wanting by Alex Grayson

5 Stars 

This book was so good I have not read a story like this before.
Abigail Summers is a sex addicted she craves it, she needs it, by day she works a normal job but by night she needs to go out and pick up random men to feed her addiction, if she doesn’t have sex she gets cramps and shakes I suppose it's like being addicted to drugs and going through withdrawal she struggles daily with it. 

She doesn’t do relationships although that is what she would like and one day have a family too. But with her addiction she fears she wouldn’t be able to be faithful to one guy.

She can’t control it, it isn’t her fault. 

Enough to be able to be together. 

I really felt for both Abby and Colt how hard she fights I really loved the connection they have.
Will Colt be enough for her? Has she found her new addiction…

She has tried therapy and talking to Doctors but nothing has worked for her.

Until Colt, can he give her what she needs to satisfy her uncontrollable desires? 

I read this book in one sitting, I kept having to turn the pages just to see what would happen next.