Sunday, 13 November 2016

Filthy Rich by Raine Miller


I have been dying for this since I had seen a teaser for this book, it is so worth the wait and it met all my expectations. 

Raine you definitely know how to draw me into your books and you don’t and your characters don’t let go.

Brooke has a heart breaking past she is 23 years old and she has seen ups and downs in her life.
She lost both Parents when she was young she had to leave England to go live with her Nan.
As the book goes on we find out more and more about her past. I really loved her character even though she has had a roller coaster of life she is such an amazing woman.

Then she meets Caleb Blackstone he is a rich successful man. When they meet, you see the connection between them right away I loved the way he was with her and his love for her.
Things get pretty serious between the two of them pretty quick. The chemistry is amazing and some very hot scenes too.

* I knew it down in my bones. I was going to marry that lovely, beautiful girl from England, and she would be mine. *

I love Raine style of writing you connect with the characters from the start.

This book was so heart-warming and an amazing start to this new series I can’t wait for more 

If you have read Raine's other books you are going love this