Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Review...Broken by Christa Cervone

3.5 Stars

Leila and Garrett haven't seen or spoken to each other for four years, after their relationship came to a devastating end. Since then Leila's life has become a bit of a mess. Using alcohol and sex with random men to make her forget, her life is derailing. The only thing that seems to be going for her is her job as a photographer. When she goes on a job to a wedding the very last person she's expecting to see is her ex boyfriend Garrett. 

Garrett has been living his own nightmare in the last four years but he's never forgotten about Leila. When they meet again, he's determined to get her to at least talk to him. 

The characters were, for the most part, likeable (especially Garrett and Leila's best friend). The story kept my interest, it's full of misunderstandings and regrets, two people who are still in love but not sure if they can let the past go. A good, enjoyable second chance romance.