Sunday, 23 October 2016

Review Paradox

5 stars 

Paradox starts right from where book 1 left us Jane left out in the cold after telling Edward how she felt and he walked away.

 Months go by and we meet a new Man that seems to have Taken to Jane too John Rivers. We get more insight to Jane’s past, we finally find out her real name...... 

Edward returns and he isn’t happy .... Paradox answers a lot of  questions that book 1 had left me with. In this book there was few twists I didn’t see coming, the secrets of Thornfield starting to come too light and things that are haunting Edward.

All Jane wants is to  love Edward openly, but he forces her to keep it hidden...
But when secrets come to light that might tear them apart....

When the secrets come out will Jane ever be able to forgive Edward or will she leave him forever?
 Amity writing is flawless the story keeps you hooked and trying to guess where it will go I really can’t wait for book 3 in this series I am so routing for Edward and Jane to get they’re HE