Thursday, 29 September 2016

Review...Tempting Eden by Celia Aaron.

4.5 STARSFirst I need to mention the cover. As a self confessed cover whore, this is what caught my eye to begin with. If that's Jack...I need me a Jack *swoon* The model actually matches the description in the book and I loved having a perfect visual in front of me. Now I've got that off my chest......

Eden is a senior Vice President of a real estate brokerage. 
At first she comes across as arrogant, extremely moody but very successful in what she does. After driving away yet another assistant, she doesn't have high hopes for her new one. Getting off on the wrong foot during their first meeting, Eden doesn't think Jack will be able to handle her demands. 

Jack comes across as quite placid and chilled out. He's honest, intelligent, well mannered...And he's hiding a pretty big secret....but so is Eden!! 

Working closely together, Jack soon starts to see there's more to Eden than the moody career driven woman everyone else sees. But with Jacks past holding him back and Eden living in a web of lies, can they both put their pasts behind them? 

I loved Eden and Jack, although it did take me a couple of chapters to warm up to Eden. Opposites attract and these two are a perfect example of that. I loved the quiet, calm nature of Jack just as much as I loved Edens mercurial moods. 

A good romance that I really enjoyed.