Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Review...Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet #1) by Aly Martinez

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STARS

I'm not quite sure where to start with this book. I've read Aly's other books so I was expecting an emotional story but this book tore me up. I'm not going into details about the story, I don't want to give anything at all away.

Retrieval is the first book in a duet. It focuses mainly on Roman and Elisabeth and their lives together, but we start to get parts of Clare's story aswell (whose story we get in the second book, Transfer).

These characters became real to me. The love that Roman and Elisabeth share, the tragedies and heartbreak they go through and their determination to do the right thing made me fall in love with them both. I'll be honest (as usual) and say I very rarely like the main female characters in books, but I adored Elisabeth and Clare. Both women are good hearted, strong minded characters.
Roman is a man who sees his past mistakes and instead of living a life of regrets, he goes after what he wants and i loved that about him

These characters are real!!! The feelings, the story, the bonds and sacrifices are described perfectly. The story pulls you in and doesn't let go (nor do you want it to). It's emotional, it tore me up but at the same time put me back together. My heart broke more than once for Clare but each time my respect for her grew. In an impossible situation she does what she needs to do and not what she wants and I couldn't help but want her to succeed.

A truly addictive, emotional story and I can't wait for the second book to find out what happens next.