Friday, 9 September 2016

Review...Princess by Sapphire Knight

☆☆☆☆ 4 STARS

Viking is a nomad member of a MC club. He's loyal to his brothers but he's really not a nice man. Honestly, I didn't much care for him to start with. I thought his attitude stank (yes I am aware most bikers have an attitude problem) and he just didn't do it for me to begin with.

Princess' dad is the president of a MC club. Never around when she was young, it's safe to say she carries a grudge against him. Coming up with a plan to pay her dad back, she's determined to use his 'brothers' to do that by slepping with them and causing her dad embarrassment. That plan back fires when she catches Viking's eye. Determined to have her, Viking goes all alpha on her, claiming her whether she wants to be claimed or not.

I did struggle to get into this book to begin with. I didn't particularly like Viking or Princess at the start. Viking comes across as trying a little too hard to be alpha at times and Princess irritated me. She's so hung up on embarasssing her dad, she comes across as really selfish and immature because of it. I did start to like them both more the further i read (Viking more than Princess). I'd love to hear more from some of the other characters and i'll definitely be checking out more of Sapphire Knights books.