Sunday, 4 September 2016

Review...Invasion by Poppet & Mary E.Palmerin

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STARS

I loved this book!! I spent most of the time as confused as David but I loved every single second of it.

David wakes up with no idea who he is apart from his name. He soon realises he has skills the normal every day man doesn't and starts to pierce together who and what he is. Realising he needs somewhere to hide out, he finds Carly's empty home. Hiding out in her basement, it's not long before he's sneaking around spying and gathering information, adding to his suspicions he's not your average man. By the time Carly returns home, David has a plan and one hell of an obsession with her.

Carly is barely getting through each day. After her ex cheated on her after years of abuse, she's struggling to keep going and when she meets David, he seems to be everything she wants and needs.

I loved both David and Carly. Both messed up and broken I prayed for a HEA all the way through this book. There's a darkness in them both, and lots of craziness (I'm still not sure who was the crazier one) but they both have qualities that make you like them. 
With a unique story that's full of details and absolutely phenomenal characters, I got sucked in and spat out at the end. Very twisty, dark and in some places just down right sick (Carly's ex is one sick, hateful man) this book was a complete roller coaster.