Thursday, 29 September 2016

Review...Hopelessly Shattered by Bink Cummings

4.5 Stars

Kat is a single mum. It seems like every man she's ever loved has left her....leaving her with a load of unanswered questions. So when she gets a phone call promising her answers, she jumps on a plane with no idea what she's walking into.

I loved Kat. She's strong, feisty, independant and sassy. She rolls with the punches but she's far from a walk over. 

I found this book a lot more emotional than Binks other books. I really related to Kat, a proud mama that will always put her kids first even when she's dying inside, and I was praying she was gonna get the ending she so deserved....Seeing as I didn't read anything about this book I had no idea it was in two parts so you can imagine my face when i got to the 'to be continued' part. So now i'm going to sit and stalk Bink for updates on when book two is out.

A fanatstic book with brilliant characters that's left me impatiently waiting for more.