Saturday, 10 September 2016

Review...Fugitive by Jackie Wang


Rachelle is getting married in a week. When she goes out on her bachelorette party she meets sexy stranger Kieran and after a lot of persuasion, she agress to spend the rest of the night with him (in a purely platonic way).

Rachelle is quiet, a homebody, she doesn't want or need excitement. Preferring instead to stay in with a book. She has the perfect fiance and is all set ti have a perfect life with him.

Kieran is a bad boy. Skint, he agrees to do a favour for Rachelle's best friend Terri. When he finds himself backed into a corner, it's Rachelle he turns to.

Kieran ends up turning Rachelle's life upside down and she finds herself embracing the ride. He knows he shouldn't chase Rachelle but he just can't help himself and when he needs help, she's the one he goes to.

I enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and there were some unexpected twists that kept my interest. Some parts did seem a bit rushed though but overall a good, enjoyable romance.