Saturday, 3 September 2016

Review...F*cker (Westbeach #2) by Amo Jones

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars

Ryker is a player. Part of the very successful rock Twisted Transistor, along with his friends and twin brother Ryder, Ryker's all about having a good time. Not taking life seriously is what he excels at. With the one exception of Bryleigh. When his twin Ryder gets married, it's only a matter of time before Ryker comes face to face with his past and the fireworks begin.

Bryleigh was destroyed the last time she was with Ryker. When one night changes their relationship forever, the consequences are still been felt years later. After going their seperate ways, Bryleigh was determined to stay away from him forever but when Ryker comes to her rescue, with explosive consequences, Bryleigh finds it hard not to give in to the push-push, pull-pull between them. 

 Both addicted to the other, they both know it never ends well but can they stay away? Do they even want to?

I loved both these characters. Getting the insight of their past relationship, this book really sucked me in. Ryker shows a different side to his character in this book. He's still the joker of the group but he's so much more than that. Strong, dependable, obsessed and possessive, he worked his way into my heart. Bryleigh...My heart broke for her, but even after all she's gone through, she's still a strong, sassy lady.

With the rest of the gang there supporting/egging them on, chemistry that nearly set my kindle on fire and an addictive story, I absolutely loved this book.