Monday, 12 September 2016

Review...Conflicted by Lisa Suzanne


This is my first book by Lisa Suzanne and it certainly lives up to the title. It left me feeling so conflicted.

Lucy is a married to John. Working as an executive assistant for Jack Benson, Lucy loves her job. She works hard and puts her marriage problems down to both her and John working long hours. Trying to get John to see their marriage is crumbling, her job's the only thing she looks forward to. When Jack decides to retire, leaving his son Cole to take over, Lucy is left trying to fight her attraction to her new boss.

Cole comes across as quite stroppy. He's arrogant, blunt and there were times my palm itched to slap him, even though I absolutely loved him. He insists on been called Mr Benson and makes it crystal clear he's only interested in his job. But he can only keep the charade going for so long.

Spending long hours together Lucy starts to see another side to Cole and the attraction grows. With Cole blowing hot and cold and John ignoring all her attempts to make their marriage work, Lucy finds herself more confused then ever.

I loved this book. It's angsty. It's full of sexual chemistry but the emotional heartache balances it out. An extremely well written romance that kept my interest from the first page to the last.