Friday, 23 September 2016

Review...Challenge by Amy Daws


Camden is a famous footballer. Playing in the same team as his brothers, everyone knows who he is and he's a bit of a player both on and off the pitch. During the best season of his career, he's devastated to get injured during a match. Luckily for him Doctor Indie Porter is there to help him get back to full health. 

Indie is a genius. After flying through school she's now working at her dream job as a Doctor, but it's come at the expense of her love in she doesn't have one. With her best friend Belle they come up with a list of options for Indie. When Camden gets brought into the ER, it looks like he could be just what Indie is looking for. 

I really enjoyed this book, Indie and Camden have a load of sexual chemistry between them, it's funny and light hearted. I loved Camden. Inside his cocky exterior is a really nice, if slightly stubborn/stupid at times, man that quickly won me over. Now I just need the rest of the brothers books and I'll be a happy lady.