Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Review...El Diablo (The Devil #1) by M Robinson

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STARS

Alejandro Martinez....El Diablo....The man you will hate to love, and love to hate. 

El Diablo is the first book in a new series and introduces us to fourteen year old Alejandro. Alejandro is the only son of a mob boss, destined to take over from his father and rule his empire. Although Alejandro has seen how his dad lives, his life changes one night when he's given no choice but to do what his dad wants. From that day on its all downhill for Alejandro. 

I loved this book. Getting a real insight into Alejandro's psyche, you start to see the man hidden beneath the many, many layers. Dealing with loss, guilt, remorse and trying to keep those he loves safe the only way he knows how, he made me fall in love with the broken parts of his character. When Lexi comes bursting into his life, it quickly turns into an absolute roller coaster ride. Determined to protect her, even if it means destroying her in the process, El Diablo shows us how he earned the nickname of the devil. 

This book is everything I've come to expect from M Robinson. It hooks you in from the first page. It's fast paced but full of details. I felt like I was an invisible stranger hiding in the corner watching it all play out. It's hot, emotional, angsty. It will make you smile, may make you cry, will tear you apart and maybe (if you wish hard enough) might just put you back together again. I always feel exhausted when I've finished one of M Robinsons books. They turn me inside out, give me all the feels and I'm always devastated when I get to the end. I literally just finished El Diablo and I feel like I've been through the spin cycle on the washing machine. 

Another brilliant book and massive book hangover from M Robinson.