Monday, 15 August 2016

Close to Falling Review

✴✴✴✴✴ 5 Stars

What an emotional book My heart went out to Maddie, I know How additive drugs can be as I have a member of my family who has gone through this, this story is well written.

Maddie was nine when her Parents were killed in an armed robbery and she watched the whole thing, then her life was turned upside down being tossed from Foster home to foster home, that is until she is placed with Frankie….

But Bad teenage choices she turns to depend on drugs to cope and numb the pain she feels.

In this foster home she meets River he is a bad boy but he will do anything for her she means well but sometimes it doesn’t always work out the way he wants them too he sees Maddie struggling with the drugs even though she tries to hide it from him… as he is her new addiction

I loved the way River is with her you can tell he loves her so much 

He takes a job which end up with him getting sent to prison. and Maddie turns to drugs again. so bad she walks out on everyone.

When something happens that she ends up in rehab.
She gets better although she struggles daily with the addiction.

9 years into the future and Maddie is in a better place. Until River turns back up in her life but can she fight her feelings that have never died between the 2 of them. 

"Life is a story," I say thinking out loud, Each person has their own beginning, middle, and end."

Do they get their HEA you will have to read to find out? I really enjoyed this story. And I love Paige writing and can’t wait for more by her.