Saturday, 9 July 2016

★★Review of Gabriel★★

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars 

Gabriel I went into this book blind I never read the any teasers or blurb and it was truly a great book from the start I was Hooked I had to keep going to find out what was going on what had happened as we are kept guessing right from the start….

Gabriel is such a great man he had the perfect life the perfect wife and perfect family or so he thought his wife is Murdered and the police don’t seem to have any idea as to why and who has done it but Gabriel he swears she will find her Murderer himself… more he learns the more he starts to uncover secrets from the past and that people aren’t always who they seemed to be.

Gabriel He has a lot of support from his family and he has to stay strong for his little girl Taylor, but secrets that came out he realises he needs to protect his daughter. While struggling and confused by what he is learning the more and more we get into the story he doesn’t know who to trust anymore. This book will keep you guessing till the end! When the whole truth comes out I was really surprised as I really didn’t see that coming.

Ms. Pogder kept me on the edge of my seat throughout this book. 

The Characters are so realistic and well developed… this book is really well written and has some touchy subjects that will not be for everyone…. This book is quite emotional at times hits on Abuse, lies, murder, religious cults.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book it kept me turning the pages and I really can’t wait to see what Tracie comes up with next.

"My name is Gabriel. I had a perfect life, a perfect wife, and now I am fighting for justice."