Friday, 22 July 2016

Release Blitz..What Makes A Man? by H.Q. Frost.

H.Q. Frost


Every action has a reaction. 
First impressions don’t always tell the story in tow. 

When Dom meets Nyla, it’s under dangerous, deceiving circumstances. But when the truth comes out, Nyla is certain Dom is the ‘good book’ she needs. She's convinced the pages they’ll write together will give her the happy ending she expects. They just have to make it out of the ghetto that’s been sucking the life from Dom since he can remember. He knows the man he wants to be will never develop in that city. People change everyday and Dom is determined to change for her, but there’s one thing he can’t change and it’s the one thing she can’t accept. 
The world keeps turning through the choices they make and they learn the hard way that every action has a reaction. "Everyone deserves the chance to write the pages to their own book."


“I'm probably not like the typical dudes you know in Seattle, Nyla. I think I made that obvious with the way we met. You're in a bad neighborhood surrounded by worse people."
"I don't judge a book by its cover," she mumbled.
It was a strange way to make friends, but by the end of their breakfast, he wanted to see her again. Being attracted to her was alluring, but just because she was beautiful didn't mean she was worth his time. After an hour together, he wanted to feed his curiosity about the trusting girl.