Tuesday, 5 July 2016

★★Chained Review★★

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars 

WOW WOW Chained, I am speechless, I really am this book was amazing.

I didn’t think Dawn would top Caged, I was so so wrong. 

This book has totally blown my mind it is one of the most gripping stories, I have read this year, both books are.

“What if I don’t find you again? What if you go up, and I go down? What then? What if…”

It is dark and Twisted so many Twists and Turns in this book, I have whip lash. I don’t think I can write this review to do the book justice it deserves it is just WOW!!!!

Kloe and Anderson’s story is just one that is going to stay with me a long time I really connected with Kloe after book 1 I just wanted Kloe and Anderson to get their HEA I will not say if they did or not but what an ending.

I really didn’t see that coming and the twists I really didn’t have a clue and even what I thought was going to happen and who was doing what I was so surprised with it all.

Normally you can tell what is going to happen in some books but this book I never seen any of it coming I never guessed it had me on my toes from the start it is fast paced my heart was racing in some chapters, it was intense.

This book has taken a place in my heart, this book makes you feel…. you feel for Anderson you feel for Kloe they have both been through so much in their lives do they came out better in the end well you will have to read to find out.!!!!

I really not going to give any spoilers…. But if you love Dawns books and her words and have read Caged them you must read this... Outstanding and thank you Dawn for sharing Kloe and Anderson story with us it is one I will not forget in a hurry.

This book is not for the faint hearted, so prepare for one hell of a crazy ride.. 

Caged and Chained have topped my Favourite’s reads for 2016 and have topped my all-time Favourite’s from D H Sidebottom