Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Review...Trinity by M.Never

TITLE: Trinity

RELEASE DATE: June 29th, 2016

4.5 Super Hot Stars

Jenn hasn't had the easiest life. When Nathaniel "Pop" Jackson took her in, she was at her lowest. Letting her work at The Corkscrew, it's not long before Pop has Jenn running the place day to day. With Pop in her life, a job she loves and plans for the future, Jenn's not looking for a relationship with anyone, especially not the two sexy men that walk in to The Corkscrew one night. 

Shane and Chase are new in town and both take an immediate liking to Jenn. After an explosive one night stand between the three of them, Jenn is quite happy to carry on like before. Shane and Chase have a completely different way of thinking and set about changing Jenn's mind. 

Chase and Shane are happy and content together but they both want to bring a woman into their relationship, and they've decided Jenn is that woman. But when Jenn finds out something about the men, will they all be able to get past it? Or is it the end before it's really begun? 

I loved all the characters in this book especially the men. They are sweet, sexy, alpha's that made me swoon while I was reading. 
Trinity is a really good, easy read, 
it's not full of pointless drama and it's hot!!!! And I do mean HOT, hot!! The scenes between the three of them are hot enough to get you either running for a cold shower or reaching for more batteries. 
I've loved all of M Never's books, you know what to expect with her books (Hotness....lots and lots of glorious hotness) and this one definitely didn't let me down.