Thursday, 16 June 2016

Review INTO THE TOMORROWS by Whitney Barbetti

☆☆☆☆5 Stars

"I was born in sadness, which was just the beginning of a solemn and desolate life. I'm no stranger to pain—none of us are. The night I held my best friend's hand as she died, I understood true agony. And I never thought I'd feel happiness again."

Well what a book this was I was hooked from the start and I couldn’t put it down it is antsy and very highly emotional read at times I wanted to throw my kindle it wound me up that mush I am going to try and do this review spoiler free if you can go into the book blind I did.

I did not like Trista mother she was a bit of a b*tch if I am honest telling Trista she is the product of loss, and fills her head with stuff always putting Trista down.

Anyway We start off with Trista in collage and her friend Ellie and they go to a party which is being hosted by Trista Boyfriend Colin, something tragic happens to Ellie and it changes things.

Trista ends up moving in with her grandfather who ends up in a care home which in turn leads Trista to move to Colorado to be with her boyfriend Colin 3 years after Ellie dies. 

She moves in with Colin and his 2 room Mates, Mila and Jude Twins and you start to see things are very rocking between Colin and Trista and how much she Hurting and how much Colin really doesn’t know who Trista is as a person. Anyway things turn worse Trista even though she is with Colin she isn’t with him she feels alone and she gets closer to Jude who really likes Trista and she can talk to him but she can’t open up to Colin about how she really feels. Then she goes on a trip to Yellowstone park with Jude and things between them heat up. I saying no more because you really need to read.

OMG that ending. I didn’t see that coming.

This was very well written book I could feel the pain Trista was in and even Colin I felt for them both, but at times i wanted to slap them both too....

I really can’t wait for book 2 to see where this goes.