Monday, 27 June 2016

*****Review for Destination Connelly by K.L. Kreig

BOOK TITLE: Destination Connelly (The Colloway Brothers #4)
AUTHOR: K.L. Kreig
27th June 2016

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars

Conn had his heart broken by Nora over a decade ago. Since then he's kept his feelings on lockdown, not interested in letting a woman get closer to him. One night is all he can manage. He's not some uncaring bastard though. He's actually a really loveable, sweet, loyal character. Upfront from the beginning he makes it clear one night of fun is all any woman is going to get from him. When he finally finds the one who got away, he's determined he's never letting her go. 
I loved Connelly. He's successful, driven, just the right amount of cocky and arrogance, a loving son/brother....I could sit here all day listing his good points. I think at this point I've passed liking I'm on to loving Conn. Oh and he likes a bit of dirty talk too (my weakness!!). 

Nora has spent the past ten years facing one major upheaval after another. She's never got over what happened between her and Conn and she's filled with regrets and remorse. Every time she's thought about trying to right some wrongs something happens and there's just never a right time to 'fess up. She's stayed away from Connelly for a reason but when he finally finds her again, nothing will stop him from getting his way. Desperate to protect herself, Nora does her best to stay away from him but will the pull between them become too much? 

I loved this story. It pulled me in from the start, gave me all the feelings and the characters are very well written. You just can't help but love them all. The characters are real, not just the two main characters but the other family members are fantastic too. Conn and Nora's stories have your heart breaking for them and I couldn't help but want a happy ending. But sometimes no matter how much you want to put the past behind you, you can't let go of old regrets/mistakes. With both Connelly and Nora keeping things from the other, a hell of a lot of animosity, jealousy and determination, can they work through it to get the happily ever after I so desperately wanted? Read it and find out!!

This is my first book that I've read by KL Kreig and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This can be read as a standalone (I haven't read the previous books yet).