Thursday, 30 June 2016

Review for Cleat Catcher by Sloane Howell & Celia Aaron


Self confessed Cleat Chaser Nikki and Baseball captain Braden have been together for six months and everything is going well. They love each other, the sex is hot, they're both starting to focus on what they want from the future....And then Nikki asks Braden to meet the parents. And it all starts to go wrong. 

Braden seems to be taking hit after hit, trying to shoulder everything on his own and he starts to, unknowingly, push Nikki away. With best friends Kyrie and Easton there to back them up, give them their words of relationship 'wisdom' and be a shoulder (or boob) to cry on, will Nikki and Braden be able to get back on track or are they both wanting different things?

I loved the characters in Cleat Catcher. They have dirty mouths and generally act like horny teens BUT they are also very funny, sweet and loyal and I couldn't help loving them. Kasey, yet again, made this book for me. Her character is absolutely brilliant. She has no filter whatsoever, no shame and is so vulgar you can't do anything but laugh.

This books humour won't be for everyone. It is dirty (sometimes a little immature) but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. A good story that shows a more serious, in-depth side to the characters, lots of little details that help you understand more about the game and the players relationships with each other, (I am so clueless about Baseball, I really needed the little details so I could picture what was happening), and characters that will put a massive smile on your face. If you're looking for a fun, light hearted read then you really should check this out.