Tuesday, 7 June 2016

*****Review for All The Rage by T.M.Frazier.

BOOK TITLE: All The Rage
AUTHOR: T.M.Frazier
RELEASE DATE: 7th June 2016

☆☆☆☆☆  5 Raging Stars

When I first met Rage in Soulless, I admit I was intrigued. I wanted to delve deeper into her character and find out why she was so....well, Rage. 

Full of anger, even from a young age, Rage has never been you stereotypical girl. She's quirky, her OCD is out of control and she doesn't even try to manage her anger anymore. Instead she uses it to her advantage. 

When she's given the job of getting closer to Nolan, she's hoping to get the job done quickly and move on. But until Smoke says so, she's stuck on babysitting duty. 

Nolan was a brilliant character. 
Anyone who's willing to go toe to toe with Rage is either 1, completely nuts or 2, completely nuts. 

An injured hockey player isn't all Nolan is though as Rage soon finds out and I loved the relationship between them. 

Nolan is this sweet guy, sexy, funny and deliciously alpha and Rage is a brilliantly complex, feisty, obsessive character. I loved seeing her character evolve throughout the book. 

Rages friend Smoke.....yeah I'm gonna be needing his book TM Frazier!!! His story definitely needs telling. 

There were some twists that I didn't see coming in this book. It's not as hardcore or as action packed as TM's other books but it is the perfect story for Rage and I absolutely loved it.

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