Thursday, 12 May 2016

****Review of Brawl

AUTHOR: Kylie Hillman
RELEASE DATE:  May 12th 2016 

☆☆☆☆ 4 Fighter Stars

Gabbi is nearly 18 years old and full of anger. 

Living at home with her mum, younger sister and brother, it's up to Gabbi to fight and provide for them all. With her mum spiralling downwards after her divorce, Gabbi is trying to be parent, sister and teenager all at the same time as dealing with her own issues. When she's taken to a MMA fight involving Hooligan Harvie, she sees a way to help her and her siblings. Convincing Hooligan to train her is going to be a challenge in itself though.

Lethal in the ring and an asshole out of it, the sparks soon fly between the two of them. Fighting their attraction, whilst they're both fighting their pasts, these two continue to go head to head. As Gabbi's family life continues to get worse, she finds an unlikely supporter in Hooligan. 

I enjoyed this book. Gabbi is a likeable girl, older then her years who's trying to do her best and I couldn't help but want her to succeed. Hooligan I loved. An arrogant, moody fighter with a tragic past who has an attitude problem but he's not really that bad once you get into his head. If you like a fighter book this is a good one to read.