Sunday, 29 May 2016

*****Review for Disgrace

BOOK TITLE: Disgrace
AUTHOR: Dee Palmer
May 29th, 2016

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Super Scorchingly Hot Stars


You WILL need a cold shower at some point reading this book!!

Sam leaves home at 18, she's safer on her own than surrounded by her toxic mother. On her first night alone she meets Leon in a bar. He takes her home and helps to reinvent her and her image.

Now she's Sam by day and Mistress Selena by night.
Working as a Domantrix at an exclusive club, she's not interested in relationships. She's been burnt in the past and she's not willing to take the risk again. 

Jason owns the club that Sam works at. The businessman/Dom has set his sights on the lovely Samantha. He knows what she does and wants her regardless.

Knowing he's going to have a fight on his hands to win her over just makes him even more determined,
When Jason approaches Sam with a sexy proposition, she's not convinced. Like she says "Two Doms don't make a right". Can she really switch for him?  Or will her dominant Mistress Selena persona get in her way?

I absolutely loved this book. I adore Sam and Jason. Jason has to be the most swoon worthy Dom ever. Sam is a fighter, even when she doesn't think she's been strong, and you can't help but like her for it.

With best friend Leon there to interfere when needed, Daniel and Bethany making an apperance and some really, super hot scenes (I'm talking cold shower kind of hot,,,see warning at top of review) this book was an absolute gem of a book.
I've read all of Dee's books and this is her best work to date. The flow, the writing, it all shows how far Dee Palmer has come as an author and there iis nothing in this book that I'd change.
A brilliant book that I will be recommending to everyone.