Saturday, 14 May 2016

Review for Dear Darling

Where do I start I love Elle’s writing and this book draws you in from the first page, it is a beautiful love story,

"Every smear of punctuation becomes a joy shared by lovers who were always meant to be. Every heartache drowns in the blank space, which tells a far greater story than her pen ever could."

We start with Saff writing a letter she is leaving her Husband and kids,

As she starts to write the letter we get her memories from when she first met Elias till present day she has had a great life there was a couple of bumpy bits where you thought they wouldn’t make it but…. 

They did and all the while I was guessing as to why would she leave her Husband and kids, I couldn’t figure it out... then Bam we find out and it broke my heart,

They are soul m8's I didn't want Saff to leave.

I loved the connection they have Eli really does love her… 

Loved the secondary Characters they are great….

Eli what a sweetheart yes he made Mistakes and he regretted them.

He had a horrible Childhood Till his Brother took him from his mother and Father His father was a Horrible man ….

Such a great read Heartbreaking but great... I can’t wait for Elle Next book really do love her writing.